Tuesday, December 9

The Beauty of Success: Smashbox

Dean Factor was born with glitz and glamour in his blood. The great grandsons of legendary makeup artist, Max Factor, Dean and his brother Davis started Smashbox Studios, Photogenics Modeling Agency, and the luxurious Smashbox Cosmetics line. Dean is also a founder and chairman of Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week.

Factor gave an inspiring speech at his alma mater, the American University in DC, where he finished his undergraduate work at the Kogod School of Business.

So what does it take to get ahead in the beauty business? As the CEO of Smashbox Enterprises, Factor gives his insight on how to build a beauty empire:

1. Dean claims that you need calculated risk, timing, and a little luck
2. Ideas come from everywhere and everyone
3. Don't worry about the status quo
4. Be in-tuned with changing issues
5. Find your unique edge
6. Trust your instincts

Factor admits that he wanted to start a Denim brand, but we're glad he didn't. Among the vast sea of competition, Smashbox Cosmetics has won the hearts of women worldwide. As the third top selling brand at Sephora, the creators of Smashbox truly know the beauty of success. Cheers!

Our Favorite Smashbox Products:

1. Photo Finish Foundation Primer: Where it under your makeup and it will last all day! Can we say fabulous?

2. Creme Eyeliner in Midnight Brown: Perfect for that Classic Hollywood Smokey eye.

3. O-Gloss: This clear gloss reacts with your skin chemistry to create your own personal flattering shade of pink!

With makeup meant to withstand the flashing lights, you'll be ready for your close-up.

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