Saturday, December 6

Interview With Designer Cody Ross Of Priestess

The hottest new New York designer, Cody Ross of Priestess has become one of our new favorite designers. Cody's designs are unique, edgy and most of all new. Every piece from the collection is a statement piece. Priestess screams glamour with a lot of edge. Launched in 2007, Priestess has gained a huge cult following here in NY among the most stylish fashionistas and celebrities alike. We had a chat with Cody to get his insider take on fashion, style and his tips for aspiring designers. View the entire Priestess collection here.

HM: Describe your style in one word.
C: Kitschy-freaky

HM: What is your best-kept fashion secret?
C: I find inspiration in anything shock-worthy and crass . ..but I also loverainbows and honey-bees!

HM:Where is your favorite place to shop?
C: Cherry on 8th Ave . . . Seven NY on Mercer Street. . .oh, and LaneCrawford (in Asia)!

HM: Who is your style icon?
C: Jeremy Scott is cool . . .and so is Walter Van Beirendonck!

HM: What is the biggest fashion mistake a woman can make when getting dressed?
C: Any departure from ‘subtle-chic’ doesn’t sit well with me . .. Hmmm,applying excessive make-up is annoying . . .!

HM: What is one lesson you are grateful for learning throughout your careerin fashion?
C: Randomness is a virtue!! . . .and that there is value in whimsical dressing!

HM: What advice would you give to young fashion industry professionals trying to make their fame?
C: “Fashion abhors a vacuum” . . so work hard to identify a niche andthen rush to fill it! . . .oh, and be honest!

HM: If you could give women a fashion tip to be fabulous what would it be?
C: First, wear Priestess NYC! And second, try to deliver a ‘modest shock’to onlookers!

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