Sunday, February 15

The Elegant Traveler

Leaving on a jet plane? The best part of the winter season is having the opportunity to travel to exotic locales while everyone else is hibernating.Whether you're in First Class, Business, or Coach, there are five key pieces that will make your maiden voyage all the more pleasurable.
The Essential Luggage
LV too steep for your budget? Try investing in Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen. Luxurious, yet affordable, these luggage pieces are currently on sale. Hurry, before they all sell out. The Garment Bag is necessary for safeguarding delicate fabrics that need to be carried onto the plane. Samsonite is a trusted brand that creates products that last for a lifetime... and Alexander McQueen is a legend. The marriage between the two creates the perfect combination of function and beauty.

A Cashmere Throw
Everyone knows how it can be a little cool on the plane. Bringing your own cashmere throw is a great alternative to the flimsy, sometimes uncomfortable blanket that the airline provides. Try Vivre's collection of cashmere shawls from a wide range of designers in a variety of colors.
Noise Canceling Headphones
Want to prevent that inevitable headache from the newborn crying every two hours? Noise Canceling Headphones are not just a luxury, they are a must-have. Of course, we favor Bose.

Arrival Survival Kit: Mini by Urban Aid
Urban Aid created this handy little kit with you in mind.

It includes:
1 panty (one size fits all thong)
1 cotton swabs, cotton balls & emery board
1 disposable razor
1 deodorant
1 toothbrush (and toothpaste)
1 stain remover towelette
1 makeup remover towelette
1 packet of pain reliever

It will help you feel clean while up in the air. Before you put it in your carry-on remember to remove the razor to avoid some drama during the security check-in.
ColorCards by Cargo
The Cargo ColorCards are every traveler's dream. With 28 single-use cards, the eye shadows are highly pigmented and come in Cargo's best-selling jewel toned colors. You'll be vibrant where ever you go!
Bon voyage, belle!

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