Sunday, January 18

Fashion Advice: What To Wear From Office To Evening Out

This question comes up on an almost daily basis. A common scenario ... you are getting dressed at 8 o'clock in the morning and, all of a sudden, it dawns on you that you are heading straight out to dinner with friends or clients afterwards. What to wear? The answer is simple if you think of it in terms of layers. A colorful dress, like this one, can be worn to the office with a black belted jacket over top of it, along with black opaque tights and t-strap heels. Keep the accessories on the conservative side while working, perhaps a solid colored necklace in black, gunmetal or silver paired with stud earrings. As you leave the office, the jacket comes off and you add the cuff bracelet. You're done. Really.
Another example is taking those killer black pants and pairing a silk halter top with it. While at the office, keep a jacket over top of it, such as either the cotton velvet paisly one or the solid velvet one. Accessories should be simple, such as these black drop earrings and zip loafer inspired booties. Once you've left the office for the day, take the jacket off, put on a multi-strand bracelet, and pull on a colorful, slick trench to keep you warm until you arrive at your final destination. Your handbag should work for both the office and evening, so pick a vibrant color in a classic style.
Color is everything. Look at how beautiful these colors work together. They are rich and yummy. Sometimes you just need to experiment with your wardrobe to give it a new twist. And color is an easy way to make something old look new again. -Catherine Horgan

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