Thursday, January 15

Green Coffee Beans offerred by Intelligentsia Coffee

In October of 1995, Intelligentsia Coffee was founded on what we consider to be a simple premise: buy, roast, and serve the finest coffees available. Our fanatical attention to detail results in distinctive, award-winning coffees that will please the most discriminating palate.

We purchase our green coffee from either the world’s most renowned importers or directly from the growers themselves. Our purchases are based on the cup quality of the coffee. Whenever possible, we seek growers and importers that are known to be both environmentally and socially responsible. It is almost always the case that these individuals produce and offer the best quality. Our coffee is roasted daily in our vintage German roasters. As a result, you will not find a fresher, more flavorful cup anywhere.

At a company level, we adhere to the philosophy that the compassionate treatment of people and the environment inevitably yields higher quality. So whether you are enjoying a cup in our store, your favorite café or restaurant, or in the peaceful confines of your home, we are certain that you will taste the difference that care makes. For More Info Visit: green coffee bean green coffee bean suppliers green coffee suppliers

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