Friday, January 16

The Haute Guide To Formal Dressing

You’re standing with your friends fabulously dressed on the rooftop of a New York hotel. Below you, the city bustles below, as the glittering lights of the city shimmer back at you. Behind you, an orchestra dressed in white is softly playing a melodic tune, causing couples to put down their champagne glasses, rise from their chairs, and head towards the dance floor.
While this scene is passé, getting there is definitely not as easy as it seems. With formal dances and events coming up as winter comes to a gradual end within a few months, having a formal dress or two in your closet definitely won’t hurt. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you pick out a dress for the season: What’s the theme? Not all formal dresses are as formal as others. Be sure to check to make sure if there’s a specific dress code or color that you must follow. Some formal events are best worn long. What is the look I’m going for? When picking out a dress, keep in mind that the moment you walk into the room, you are making an impression. Where is the venue? Simply by knowing where the event is taking place, you can also see how formal the event really is.
I love the purple in this Notte by Marchesa strapless gown. The length of it and the fact that it would look great with gold accessories is seemingly perfect for a more formal event. Is it for work? For anything business or work-associated, I personally find it better to go with black. While black serves as something simple, with the perfect dress and right fit, it can also allow for a more professional-sided look. This Derek Lam dress is a one-shouldered dress with a bow. At the same time that it is professional and not heavily revealing, it also gives a feminine side to you with the tilted bow and doesn’t require very many accessories to match.
Can I add color? While formals tend to focus on darker colors, there is no reason why you can’t use color. I love the detail in this MINT Jodi Arnold dress that is designed like a rose. The color of it would look great with some black tights – although not as formal as other dresses, this would definitely be a part y dress I would keep in my closet. Final notes? Know the occasion. By knowing where you are going and exactly what the event deals with, you can either be as bold, daring, colorful, or as white, chic, and simple as you want. While dress shopping, the possibilities are endless.
– Lalida Sriyordsa

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