Saturday, February 28

Milan Fashion Week: Burberry Prorsum RTW 9/10

This season Christopher Bailey experimented with 'Great British Icons' as his theme, working with silk chiffon dresses with the thinnest fabrics to ensure 'waif-like' essence. Staying with Burberry's trademark colours, beige, brown and cream the gauzy dresses were clinched at the waist and paired with suede coats and fur lining. Of course the iconic trench coat was filtered into the collection boasting large pleats and coming in a range of autumn colours.

The ankle socks and heels were replaced with bulky tights and laced platforms, white shirts were giving a modern twist with matching kilts. The music? Duffy, a perfect choice for such a collected and late night glamourous feel. Unlike Marc Jacobs there wasn't a feeling of livening up the grim atmosphere, instead Baily chose to take the credit crunch in his stride and provide us with a appropriate and classic collection which is sure to be a sell out.

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