Tuesday, March 3

Accessorizing with Hats

Big. Small. Seductive. Cool. Although I've always somewhat had a hate-love relationship with hats (after all, my hair does get ruined after wearing them for too long), I have always found something special about them that made them so cool to wear. Perhaps it was because Audrey Hepburn was able to effortlessly pull off her look with it, or maybe it was because the hat was Captain Jack Sparrow's finishing touch to pull off his pirate look. Regardless, various hats can be used for any occasion and may just be the perfect add-on to your outfit.

If you're out on a summer day with a lot of heat in your face, or if you're looking for the perfect touch to complement your spring dress, floppy hats with attached scarves are perfect for your outfit. Large enough to block you out from too much heat, but gorgeous enough to wear out, these hats may be just what you need for the coming season. Pictured here is an Emilio Pucci Raffia floppy hat (Net-a-Porter).
If you're looking for a night in town with the girls and you're looking for a cool, edgy, DJ-spin sort of look, take a peek at this Spotted Feather Straw Fedora (Forever 21). The feather adds a great touch to the material of the hat, and it's definitely casual enough to wear to other places out as well.

A fellow friend of mine recently referred me to Japanese Store CA4LA. They have an absolutely delectable set of hats, both casual and sophisticated. This Ecarte hat is great because of its vibrant colors and cute bow.

Regardless of what kind you're looking for, hats can add sophistication or a dash of playfulness to any outfit. Just like any other set of clothes and accessories, a hat collection may take a while, but with good time and searching, you may just come up with your perfect collection of hats.

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