Sunday, March 8

Weekend Beauty Rejuvenation

Happy weekend fashionistas. There are 72 hours in a weekend and how you spend it is totally in your hands. Why not treat yourself to a day of rejuvenation and relaxation every weekend, even if you can't spare the whole day, a few hours will do too. Here are some of my new favorite beauty products that will help you revamp, refresh and recharge for your fabulous week ahead.
Panteen Nature Fusion Shampoos And Conditioners
I never was a fan of Pantene until they introduced his great line of shampoo and conditioners infused with natural ingredients. I've always loved how Indian women incorporated exotic natural components in their beauty regimne so his collection really intrigued me. The Nature Fusion collection comes in two types. First there are the Moisture Balance shampoos and conditioners with ingredients like cassia and ginger and then there are the Smooth Vitality shampoos and conditons, which includes bamboo and grapeseed extracts. Leaving the ingedients aside, my hair has never been so soft and shiny and the scent is divine. Oh and they come under five dollars, can it get any better? (Available at drugstores)

Kinerase Under Eye Rescue
This is a great product for those who suffer from dark circles as well as those who just need relief every now and then. It diminishes darkness under eyes and de-puffs the eye area. It's one of the many products I keep close by for those days I need a little lift. Crest Advance Seal Whitestrips
Start trying this whitening system on Friday and by Sunday you'll see results. I've tried Crest white strips and found that they came off very easily and it wasn't pleasant. So when I heard about the revamped Crest strips called, Crest Advance seal I was eager to test it out. The new version contains the same ingredients dentists use in their offices and they mold to the shape of your teeth. The best part is you can do everything whether you're on-the-go, talking on the phone or drinking water.

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