Saturday, April 25

Mens Fashion | Outfit Idea: Spring Weekends

1. ASOS Slim Fit Blazer - £39.50
2. Wrangler Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt - £44.50
3. ASOS Tortoiseshell Sunglasses - £9.75
4. ASOS Canvas Desert Boots - £34.50
5. Dr Denim Terence Straight Jeans - £59
6. Hartford Avel Stripe Scarf - £55
7. Brady Ariel Bag - £135

(All pieces available via ASOS)

The sun seems to have finally returned after its long holiday down South, and the fresh spring winds lift the beautiful scent of freshly cut grass and blossoming flower buds into the warm air. For a perfect outfit to feel comfortable and stylish in these welcomed sunny days, try out this simple outfit.

Pairing together a light tan cotton blazer and well washed denim jeans gives a wonderfully laid back feel, and the pale colour palette is finely suited to spring days. In order to give the outfit a point of visual intrigue, a checked shirt can work wonders when worn against a plain blazer. Desert boots are the perfect shoe for this season, being smarter than your plimsoles yet with an equally casual appeal. A canvas as opposed to suede will help your feet breath easier after long walks in the park. However, also remember that spring is also prone to winds and cooler periods, so a simple thin scarf will work wonders for both keeping you warm, whilst also providing a cooling effect in strong sunshine.

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