Tuesday, April 7

MENS FASHION | Spindle & Canister: Getting The Basics Right

As dichotomous as it may sound, the truth is that it is often the most basic of designs that are the hardest to perfect. A garment as simple as a blue t-shirt can be used to create a larger array of outfits and looks than one would first give thought to. By contrast, when deciding on how to build an outfit, a visually complex and detailed t-shirt is oddly the more restrictive option when it comes to one's own creative freedom. As such, making sure that one's basic garments are of a high quality is essential to building a wardrobe that is fully functional and stylish.

The above pieces are from the debut Spring/Summer '09 collection of Spindle & Canister, created by Los Angeles based designer, Temitayo Abidoye. Seeking to create classically inspired pieces that would fit seamlessly and comfortably into the modern man's wardrobe, Abidoye paid careful attention to getting the hard basics correct in order to create a line of investment worthy pieces.

The use of quality fabrics including jersey, thermal and cashmere provide a luxurious warmth and comfort to the collection. Indeed a combination of comfort and function is also realised in Abidoye's employment of pre-shrunken and softened fabrics. The idea behind this decision was that the clothing retains a consistent quality and fit, a functional detail, which in itself, makes the collection the more so appealing. Not only does one note the pre-shrunken fabrics, however the smaller details such as the worn buttons create a more coherent look to the pieces. The slimmer, more fitted profile of the garments, which flatter the wearer and also manage to provide a more modern silhouette means that any Spindle & Canister garment would make a perfect addition to any man's wardrobe.

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