Sunday, April 19

The Outnet | The Newest In Online Outlet Shopping

Sure, we've all heard of the amazing clothes offered on Net-a-Porter. After all, who wouldn't mind online shopping with Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim, and more?

Earlier this week, Net-a-Porter opened up a new website- dedicated to sale items. The best part? It's just like Net-a-Porter. It's called The Outnet and I fond out that it definitely does not fail to impress.

The equivalent to an online fashion outlet, you can find everything from 40% of a Roland Mouret dress to 60% off a Jimmy Choo bag.
You can shop by designer, or by item (clothing, bags, shoes, accessories). Furthermore, you can even be more specific and look at instant outfit solutions from their 'Dress Me' section that is classified by event.

What I find to be perhaps the most interesting part of The Outnet is the flash sales- sometimes, there will be 72 hour pop-up sales (up to 80% off items) complete with a countdown timer where you can buy specific items for a cheaper amount in a specific time period.

Be sure to check out The Outnet for great discount prices and be sure to sign up so you can get the updates for when new items and sales are arriving!

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