Wednesday, May 13

International Diva | Incorporating INDIA into Your Wardrobe

You’ve been inspired by the music, the songs and beats, and of course, the movies. (Let’s face it, you loved ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’) With thousands of years of history and a country fitting millions of people, India has been growing not only in popularity but in fashion influences as well. If you’re ever thinking of visiting the country, be sure to pack your essentials. Here are a few ways that you can include a little bit of India into your wardrobe to be stylish and fit for a great visit. (Dasgupta for VOGUE India)

Paisley Prints If you were to compare China and India, then this is definitely comparable to the Yin Yang symbol; the Paisley design is something that has been a part of Persian and Indian origin for a long time- its design is similar to that of a kidney shape and the pattern is often used for things such as weddings and other occasions. If possible, a little bit of this on any outfit or accessory will definitely make your look more unique and just as fashionable for the country.

Kurtis This traditional Indian clothing essential (i.e. Tunic) has been popping up everywhere and has been redefined many times. With various colors and different types of designs, you can easily match any kurti with white, black or different colored pants. If you’re headed out on a tour bus and ready to set your sights, then these would be a great way to be fashionable and comfortable on your trip.
Bangles the one piece of jewelry that perhaps everyone in the world knows about from India is bangles- stacked up and layered, these traditional bracelets come in a variety of colors and designs that can add elegance to any outfit. These are a must-have if you are trying to incorporate India into your wardrobe. Best of all, because they come in different colors and types, you can easily collect them and wear them on more than your trip and other occasions. Chamak by Priya Kakkar Set of 2 Pearl Bangles Via Avelle

Indian Shawls What sets Indian-styled shawls and scarves as different from others are the intricate design and color that comes from it. Known for their bright and embroidered colors, these shawls can add a bright effect to any normal outfit, such as white. Also India is known for it's cashmere so make sure to stock up on this essential on your next trip to India. Moyna Tulle Scarf With Paillettes

So regardless of whether you’re posing for a picture in front of the Taj Mahal, going through Red Fort, or the Golden Temple, you can include a little bit of foreign beauty from India right into your wardrobe- not only would this add color, but also style, and a different aspect of fashion that you still have yet to try.

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