Tuesday, May 19

STYLEHIVE | Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact

One quick glimpse of the inside of my purse is all it takes to figure out that it's really just a big makeup bag in disguise. Every time I leave the house for anything more than just a quick trip to the grocery store, I can't help but just grab every beauty product I put on that day (which can include but is not necessarily limited to: bulky foundation/blush/bronzer compacts, two or three pots of shadow, mascara, brow and eyeliner pencils, lipgloss...) -- I was a Girl Scout and therefore I will always compulsively be prepared! But I have to admit, hefting around all those products can be pretty ridiculous, not to mention realistically unnecessary on roughly 95% of the outings I bring them along. One solution (other than getting a grip on myself and only bringing the bare-bones must-haves) is consolidation, which is exactly what Guerlain had in mind when they invented their handy Jewel Lipstick Compact. Instead of the dinky reflective mirrored end of those lipsticks that boast a "built-in mirror" that hardly actually proves useful at all, Guerlain's case actually both opens up to reveal a full-on compact mirror. Sleek, functional, and it's got a pretty sweet spaceship-looking design... except this rocket can actually fit in your pocket. It's a little on the pricey side, but with its high-quality formula and all the valuable space you'll spare in your purse, what's not to love? For More Fabulous Stories From Our Friends At Stylehive click here.

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