Tuesday, July 28

The Best Of New York | Hair Color Via Louis Licari Salon

I literally spent five hours this afternoon at Louis Licari correcting my over processed hair. I was so bored with my jet black hair that I decided to take matters into my own hands and dye my hair a flaming red. I have to admit, I did like it, for a day but then I realized how horrible it looked against my olive skin. So I thought I'd turn to the pros at Licari. If you don't know by now Licari is by far the best salon for hair color in New York. Licari believes in natural and believable hair color that highlights and defines your features. My gorgeous stylist Shakira did an amazing job at bringing be back to my dark brown shade with a balayage process (free painting of highlights without foil) around my face for believable highlights, emphasis on believable. I highly recommend Licari to all of you fabulous people who like it haute from head to toe.

Louis Licari | NY
693 Fifth Avenue

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