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Interview With Designer Gilles Montezin

There are no words to explain my adoration for dear friend and designer, Gilles Montezin. His designs exude glamour, sophistication and a touch of fantasy. From designing dazzling garments featured in the Sex and The City movie to working under Christian Lacroix, Gilles Montezin has proven to surpass convention and create a look that is all his own. His key looks are dramatic, statement making and simply gorgeous. Currently Gilles is working on a beautiful bridal collection which I had the pleasure to view. The collection was awe inspiring even at it's embryonic stage. There is something magical about Gilles' designs and we wanted to hear more about what inspires him and what he finds glamourous. Here is Gilles take on his designs, style and everything in between.

HM: What are your three favorite fibers or textiles to work with?
GM: Silk,silk,silk! I think it is the most generous, sensuous and luxurious fiber.It is never frustrated, never looks "worn", always proud and rich. Silk gives you back so much more than what you invested,whether it is the pleasure to create or the pleasure to wear.

HM: What is your fashion philosophy?
GM: I work for women- to help them to look their best in their everyday life as well as on special occasions. In achieving that goal, it also helps them to feel better; sometimes more confident, sometimes more feminine...But always better!

HM: What are some of the first things you think of when you start to create a design?
GM: I always have a vague idea of what I want to do at the start, just a guideline. So I will take some fabric and start draping it on the dress form. Then the fabric does the rest according to its own quality, its own "personality" Each piece of clothing will look and feel different according to the character traits of the fabric.

HM: Do you believe that any woman of any size can look sexy and glamorous?
GM: I have absolutely no doubt that sexiness is a state of mind before being in the shape or size of the body. It is a mixture of feelings with some self confidence, some seduction, a little desire and a lot of fun! It is a game. Glamour has a touch of beauty and involves admiration and a unique setting too...

HM: Do you have a favorite piece from your own collections?
GM: I do have favorite pieces indeed. It is for what they do to women that I love them...I have this ball gown that has a strong but tranquil glamour to it with huge gold roses on the skirt and the bodice is a net of crystals...Also this gigantic yellow taffeta coat -- no one can forget the woman who wears it-preferably with nonchalance. It adds fun to the moment. It is more memorable when it has been fun.

HM: What fashion designer or label do you admire?
GM: Oh! ...I just adore Christian Lacroix, John Galliano for Dior and Alexander McQueen...
The 3 of them make fashion look so much better! Galliano for Dior haute-couture is doing so much for glamour and style: He has a fantastic sense of drama and plays with it to perfection! Christian Lacroix is a real artist: He will mix colors and shape like a painter, a poet. He is extremely respectful of the artisans that work with him. McQueen is the forward guy --.I think he pushes fashion in a sphere where we haven't been...As for before, every century has a definite look...We haven't found the one for the 21st yet but I think McQueen will do that. He will create the look of the 21st century like Poiret did for the 20th century.
HM: Will you ever create a fragrance line?
GM: I would adore to create perfumes and cosmetics and shoes...wow! So much to do!

HM: What is glamorous to you?
GM: I think what is glamorous is part of choosing the very best of what suits your body and personality and put it in a dream context, a little gem box, so it has this aura of being precious and unique...It has a lot to do with the context...I hardly can conceive someone being glamorous in a supermarket but definitely in a gala or at the opera!...

HM: Speaking of your fashion designs, are you working on or thinking of anything new and innovative for the future?
GM: I am working on a collection of bridal gowns right now and there is something totally new with it: There is a waist cincher that is attachable to the gown that can help reduce the waist up to 4 inches...It really makes a difference in the silhouette of a bride on the most memorable day of her life! And yes! I am totally obsessed with the future. My mind is always turned on what is next and what will be my new focus...I am always working to find new volumes, new textures new silhouettes.

HM: Do you personally have any favorite types of designs that you love to wear?
GM: For me, Galliano for men suits me perfectly. I also love a simple but stylish Comme des Garcons shirt or jacket. Of course it would be incomplete without some McQueen...

HM: What do you hate seeing on a woman's body?
GM: Oooh..Difficult question here...I guess to answer more generally, it if the fit and styling the items together that is the most shocking here in America. There are more cheap clothes here than in Europe and it shows whether you like it or not...It is also a question of choosing this over that.

HM: Do you have a favorite fashion icon?
GM: My dear friend and writer Laren Stover is my muse...I just adore spending time thinking of her when I do something new. She had that modern chic and is discretely sexy. The right balance to pass everywhere, all the time!

HM: What is your favorite type of dress to create?
GM: I really enjoy doing cocktail dresses! You can do a certain sense of drama that is very fun to play with and is so flattering and sexy!

HM: What kind of woman wears your designs?
GM: I think the majority of my clients are women that have a lot of self confidence. They also know what suits their body and for that are pleasant to work with.

HM: How has your cultural background effected your designs?
GM: Since I studied and worked in haute-couture in Paris, it helped me tremendously to achieve that level of competence I am always looking to achieve. Now I feel very confident I can do what I want to do and it is a more comfortable position with minimum doubt...well, there are some doubts that remain but they are more calculated risks!

For more information about the designer visit his website.

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