Wednesday, August 12


For years I used to go shopping in Paris and Milan and buy clothes and shoes for myself. My friends would give me money to buy for them, a suitcase for me and one for them, thus a career Personal Stylist/Shopper beckoned and I duly succumbed and trained.
Staying opposite Roger Vivier shop I found a small dusty shoe shop -Christian Louboutin. A love affair began, long long before he came to the UK. I am almost ashamed to tell you how many pairs I have. My shoe affair is my own business. “Comfort or Style” ? I ask my clients. Comfort c. 80% reply. “What about shoes”? “Oh Style everytime, I don’t care about comfort” is the most common response.
We have a recession, many people face a loss of jobs, income and businesses face melt down. The huge working class union the TUC scratch their collective bald patch and ruminate the answer is women must stop wearing heels over 1”. PURLEEESE. Men we love you, we love your intellect, inate sexiness, muscular superiority, fun, wit and charm. Leave our shoes alone.
Gabrielle Teare is a London based Fashion Stylist for more pics and more fashion trends visit Featured in Marie Claire, Elle, Esquire and providing style/editorial for Disney.

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