Tuesday, September 29

Beauty Buzz | Babor's New Eco Line Baborganic

Babor is known for cutting edge skincare technology combined with the best nature has to offer. The new line, Baborganic is made from pure ingredients and formulated to relax and renew all of your senses. Here are our favorite products from the new line. Click here for more info.
Most of us suffer from dark circles and puffy under eyes. Blame our cosmopolitan lifestyle. Barborganic's revitalizing eye cream will help reduce bags, dark circles and keep wrinkles at bay. Remember when applying eye cream use only a pea size amount on your index finger and apply around, not directly on the eye.

Exfoliation plays a major role in keeping skin healthy. Barborganic offers two scrubs, one for body and one for face. The Refining Body Salt Oil Peeling is a great scrub for your body that not only sloughs off dead skin cells but also moisterizes with essential oils. The Crystal Face Scrub with white lentil extract leaves skin brighter and smoother.
We saved the best for last. Barborganic's De-stressing Fluid is by far one of the best skincare concentrates. After you cleanse pop a vile of of the De-stressing Fluid on a cotton ball and apply all over face and neck. You will instantly feel relaxed and all signs of irritation including redness will disappear. Use this product every time you need to stepback and just relax.

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