Thursday, October 8

Iraya skincare

I don't particularly have oversensitive skin but I am a picky shopper where cosmetics or suchlike are concerned. So when Grazia magazine India sent me a hamper from Iraya skincare, I was apprehensive.
Iraya is the perfect merge of Indian ancient knowledge and French expertise. Iraya also satisfies my eco needs. It's products are not tested on animals, they only use pure, naturally-derived ingredients, and they adhere to ayurvedic formulae.What more could a environment friendly girl ask for?

They have 4 broad categories- skin care, face care, body care and special care.

My standout favorites from the skincare category were the Indian jasmine day scream and the aloe vera protective gel.

Face care too had some excellent products but I especially adored the saffron elixir face balm and the wheatgerm facial massage cream. I am, thankfully, blessed with acne-free skin but a friend has dutifully informed me that the 8 Spices Acne Mantra works wonders for the acne-inflicted. Also, grab the root and bark eye cream after that late night out to look your best the next day.
Body care involved me obsessing over the sea kelp reviving body wash (doesn't that sound incredibly exotic?), the fantastic sandalwood hydrating body milk and the unbelievable wild flower nourishing body lotion which seriously relaxed me after a long, hard day.

Finally, special care had 2 great products- the nourishing head massage oil (I'm Indian and understand and embrace the importance of using oil to condition your hair once a month) and the toning and strengthening body balm which seriously saved me before a huge event (I was nearly exhausted to death).

Now, it took me the longest time to figure out what products to buy to suit my skin so if you're similarly deluded where skin is concerned, go ahead and check out their skin chart. It has all the info you'll need whether you have dry mature skin, normal to dry skin (ahem, me), normal to oily skin (for the zits-prone), and oily skin.

You can buy these gorgeous products here. Take it from me, you most definitely, will not regret it.
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