Saturday, January 30

Work It Girl! Sketchers Shape Ups Fitness Sneaker

I have a love hate relationship with working out. On one hand once I start I can't stop on the other it's such a drag. I wanted to try out the new Sketchers Shape-Ups for a while and our friends at What A Pair sent us a pair to try a month ago. I throw on my pair whenever I have to run simple errands like buying groceries, going to the bank etc and I have noticed a difference in lower body in the past month of wearing them. I also wear them one the elliptical and stair-master and can really feel the burn. I have been raving about these shoes to all of my friends and family and everyone who has purchased them (including my sister who is trying to lose her baby weight) have seen the results. So now I dare you to take the challenge and try them out for yourself. What A Pair offers free shipping on the Shape Ups just use the code SHAPES at check out. Stay fit and healthy! For more information and to buy your pair click here.

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