Monday, May 3

World Class Beauty | Sue Devitt Cosmetics

Sue Devitt's motto,"Beauty is an adventure with endless destinations,"could not be more fitting. The cosmetic collection features the most decadent textures, colors and opulence with an international flair. Our favorite collection from the brand is "Enticed by India," which offers beautiful shades of pink and orange to compliment a glowy summer tan. The collection includes a delicious lipgloss, rightfully titled, "shiraz" which is a gorgeous deep pink that will make your pout irresistible. There is also a great eye intensifier pencil that is chunky and perfect to use as khol. Women in India use large eye pencils which they use by closing their eyelids over the pencil and rubbing the khol from the inner corner all the way through the outer corner for a dramatic and intense line that will get your eyes noticed. Finally, there are the sumptuous eye shadows,in shades of fuchsia (Jaipur), tangerine (Pali), rosy cooper (Amber), and dusty rose (Madrid). To purchase and for more information click here.

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