Thursday, August 5

Beauty Buzz | Courtney Akai Lash Salon

Lash extensions are the secret of celebrities and glamour girls alike so six weeks ago I went to see Lash Extension Extraordinaire, Courtney Akai to get in on this haute beauty trend. I never had lash extensions before but always wear strip lashes to add extra drama to my eyes (I also use Revitalash religiously at night to amp up my lashes which are already long to begin with). So I figured lash extension would save me the trouble of applying false strip lashes everyday and would look much more natural. The moment I walked into Courtney's lash boutique I was welcomed by girly pink walls, boudoir inspired furniture and sultry background music. i was in girly heaven! After choosing the look I wanted to go for, (dramatic, of course) Courtney cleaned off any excess eye makeup I had on, and taped down my bottom lashes so they wouldn't catch onto the surgical grade adhesive used to apply the extensions. After the preparations she went to work applying one extension at a time, the absolutely painless procedure can last from 1-3 hours. After the extensions were placed Courtney gave me a fabulous oxygen blast to the eye area to cool off the adhesive and comfort the eyes.

The end results were amazing! My eyelashes looked extremely long, lush and glamorous yet natural. It has been six whole weeks since I last visited the salon and I have to say my lashes are still going strong. The lashes will fall off naturally depending on your own eyelash hair growth. After the procedure is over, Courtney gives you a care kit with instructions on how to care for your lash extensions and also an eyelash brush which definitely comes in handy. This is one beauty service that you have to try. For more information click here.

Courtney Akai Lash Boutique
501 5th Avenue #1211
Manhattan, NY 10017
(212) 867-8469

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