Tuesday, August 10

New York Boutiques | Grast The Perfect Stop For Design Enthusiasts

Grast is now open in the mezzanine of the 42nd Street and 8th Avenue subway station.Grast will be the first subway store of its kind to open in the US. Grast's vision comes from industry veteran Merwin Andrade, who said he wanted to create a space unlike anything anyone has ever seen in the dark, dismal retail spaces under the NYC city streets. Andrade stating "I wanted to create an atmosphere where the first 20 seconds upon entering the store you feel a sense of zen. The bright, eye catching and well designed store removes you from the fact that you are in the subway."

Grast will be specializing in hard to find items, including original NYC Graphic artist products. Grast collaborated with many well known Art Directors and artists who will be creating specialized store items including one of a kind store branded t-shirts. "I saw a void in the untapped market of the NYC subway and wanted to pay tribute to the history of the subway; including the NYC underground art scene and old school graffiti artists," said Andrade. I am definitely looking forward to visiting Grast I always find great gifts for family and friends at design stores.


625 8th Avenue

Unit 17 Mezzanine



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