Wednesday, August 25

Photographer To Know | Miles Aldridge

I am mesmerized by this image. I just love it. While there is a lot going on, there really isn't ... and I am right there in that house walking down the stairs, feeling at home.

The background may seem noisy — the wallpaper, plant, chair, and even the cats, all providing pattern and texture — however, the model, in her solids (BTW, did you notice she's wearing watermelon?), is comfortable and at ease in her surroundings.

Miles Aldridge (photographer) has an amazing eye for detail. From the shadows cast on the wall to the cat in mid-motion to the chair playing off the wallpaper and the plant playing off the green dress. Good stuff.

This happens to be a great example of how to layer solid garments on top of, or against, patterned garments. Put the model in front of a solid background and give her wildly patterned tights and a complementary patterned clutch. See the possibilities? -Catherine Horgan

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