Wednesday, September 15

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As an editor I receive virtually every single new beauty product that comes out on the market. However, there are a few products that I have been using for years or just got to have after trying it on at the store and actually purchase myself. Here are a few of my latest buys from the last week, I had to stock up for fashion week of course!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick In Beach
I love shimmer and I am always looking for ultra shimmery eyeshadow. I haven't found any other shimmery shadows that are as beautiful an sophisticated as Bobbi Brown's Shimmer bricks. I use it as an eyeshadow mostly but if I am going to an event I will swipe it over the tops of my cheekbones for an extra pop. I use Mac's painterly paint pot as a base/primer on the lids and the shimmer lasts literally all day. I also have to mention that I had my last shimmer brick for two whole years and the only reason I brought a new one was because I accidentally dropped it extremely hard onto my hardwood floor and the brick broke into pieces. So it just goes to show you the longevity of this product which is an amazing buy at around $38.00 from Saks.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation
I used to use MAC studio sculpt as a foundation last month but it ruined my skin and I broke out severely. So I had to switch foundations and thought I would give Makeup Forever's HD foundation another shot because I used to use it a few years ago but dismissed it because I felt that it was too sheer. However, after trying it again I am very happy with how natural it looks. I like full coverage foundations and this is definitely more moderate coverage but looks great when paired with the pan stick concealer.

Makeup Forever Pan Stick Concealer
I am actually trying the pan stick by Makeup Forever for the first time, and might I say I am in love! It covers every flaw without looking cakey and stays put after a good dusting of HD powder. Sephora does not carry this product so you will have to visit the Makeup Forever store located on E 12th street at Fifth avenue. The boutique is cute, nothing special but they do offer a free makeup application with the purchase of $60.00 worth of makeup so when buying these products make sure to do it before a night out with the girls or a big event so you can get a free professional makeup look by a Makeup Forever artist.

MAC Pro Lipstick In Milan Mode
Pink lips have become kind of like my signature but finding a classy hot pink is hard to do but I think I've accomplished the impossible. I am all over Milan Mode by MAC it is a beautiful shade of pink that packs just enough of a punch without being gaudy. The regular MAC counters do not carry it so you will have to go to a pro store. I personally purchased mine from the MAC Pro store in Times Square.

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