Tuesday, September 28

The Biggest Fashion Crime Of 2010 | Jimmy Choo For UGG Australia Boots

I really wonder what Tamara Mellon and her team at Jimmy Choo was thinking when they agreed on a collaboration with UGG Australia. The boots look completely ridiculous and I can't imagine the shoe design house that produced my incredible 24/7 high heel collection would design such hideous looking boots.

While doing some research for an article on UGG's,  I came across some interesting facts. The "ugg boot" is a type of shoe which UGG Australia, the brand, so cleverly marketed to the masses that had no clue that "ugg boots" were actually quite popular in Australia and New Zeland for decades.

According to the Australian government, "ugg boots" simply refer to any boot that is made from sheepskin. UGG Austrlia is actually and American owned company that manufactures their boots in China.
There are many other authentic ugg boot companies from Australia and New Zeland out there including one of our new faves, Whooga. They produce fabulous metallic styles (like the one featured on the right) that are easy on the eyes unlike the eye Jimmy Choo + UGG eye sores and are exclusive to savvy fashionistas who are "in the know", and like to stand out from the crowd, like our readers. Whooga is extending a fab offer to Haute Mimi readers in the form of 10% their next Whooga ugg boots purchase, just use the code "423HAUTE" at checkout. To view the entire Whooga collection click here.

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