Thursday, September 9

Public Relations Consultant | Lizzy Shaw Ask Lizzy Tele-Consulting

As a luxury fashion branding consultant I always tell my clients, for a brand to succeed it needs to gain as much media exposure possible and the best way to do that is through public relations. However, PR does not come cheap and many top PR companies charge well over $3,000.00 per month retainer fees. It is virtually impossible for a new or small brand to afford such a retainer so what is a brand to do? One of my favorite publicists, Lizzy Shaw is revolutionizing PR by offering callers to her tele-seminars a chance to ask her any questions they would like about getting media exposure, contact info for various publications and any other PR or business related questions. Lizzy is a PR maven and has been in the business for years and her clients have received press coverage in the top fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines. The calls take place Thursdays at 9am pacific time and cost $99 per month or $999 per year. The calls are informative, fast-moving and fun; Lizzy will be coaching about PR, marketing, how to position or re-position your business, product or service; the care and feeding of editors/bloggers, etc. Hope you all take advantage of this service. For more information click here.

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