Saturday, February 18

London Fashion, It's definitely not Victorian, Baby

London Fashion is something else my dear! It's so dark and embellished compared to American fashion to say the least. It's perfect for the girl who's not into the frilly chi-chi Italian designers are known for and more for that crazy kid on the block in love with free expression, and making, well, a fashion statement. Some of my favorite English designers include Stella, Luella,Ashley Isham and the featured crusaders of liberal fashion Manish Arora and Basso & Brooke.

The new Brat of Indian/London Fashion Manish Arora

Manish Arora was eccentric Indian fashion Guru, Rohit Bal's assistant before he hit it BIG on his own. Now we all know where the funky attitude comes from. His clothes are in your face with vibrant colors and crazy crazy designs that scream Indian culture, but with a fabulous western twist. "My clothes are all about colour. Pinks and purples and electric blues. I don't believe in greys, and black and whites." And I assure you he really doesn't, Here are some of my favorite looks from Manish Arora:

How to bring in a little Manish A into your wardrobe? Think tons of color, more color and color! Look for cooky motifs and Indian inspired embellishments and mix with more conservative pieces. For example take one of Manish A's crazy print dresses, or tops and pair them with skinny jeans and strappy heels skip the accessories except for a long chunky bead necklace. And viola! You're so ready to hit the town. Manish Arora for less? Try Ritu Kumar.

The Sexy Men behind Basso & Brooke.

Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke's is taking London fashion back to it's roots actually. With their English inspired top hats, tuxedos and deliberately schlocky aesthetics. The British Brazilian pair loves prints and big, poufy sleeves. I do mean big big by the way. Here's what Style had to say "Close up, it proved to be an intricate merging of eighteenth-century etchings and surreal science and engineering illustrations, notable (for people with their reputation) for its lack of pornographic content, as well as for its darker palette of greens, browns, and purples." Some of my picks from the collection:

Mimi how can I bring some Basso & Brooke into my life? It's very simple sweetie. Just mix gothic dark pieces with frilly girly pieces. Or even better try finding girly pieces with a gothic flair. This look has been popular in Europe for the past few years it just started emerging in the states. Mimi tip: Pair corsets over tee-shirts for a true goth/femme look. Now that's hot. Until next time ciao!