Sunday, February 12

A Pretty Penny

I'm really very excited about this Spring/Summer season and it's all because of two very fabulous things. Flats and Luella. Music to the ears of a working girl.
So by now our feet have been smushed and blistered and have spend many hours in the homedics feet spa. Surprise, surprise flats have made the biggest come back and were all over Olympus fashion week runways. And no you don't have to spend your hard earned dough on Choo flats, I say the one's at Old Navy are way cuter.
Now I must have died and gone to heaven. I say this love because "Tar-Gette" has just opened their go international line and their first designer pick is the one and only Luella B. The famed British designer who made girly clashes a fashion statement. In any case her designs for Target are available from Feb. 1 to some time in April. Better get your hands on that couture! My favorite pieces are the jewelry. They're hard core Brit Glam.
Ciao! Love Mimi

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Lulu said...

hi mimi,
i LOVE your blog and have bookmarked it to read regularly. thanks for linking to mine.
look forward to staying in touch through our respective blogs!