Sunday, August 6

What Mimi likes about fall (Fall/Winter) Update


The grandfather cardigan--I really like this look because it's extremely versatile. It can look sporty (pair with skinny jeans), dressy(over a metallic dress and even sexy (fully buttoned over leggings and stilletos).


Pretty Pumps- When you have to put away those open toe metallic Stevie maddey platfoms away you'll be happy to take out gorgeous pumps. Look for pumps with femme details like bows and satin materials. Just don't get trend happy because you want these babies to last you many falls. Embrace metallic. BCBGgirls


High Waist Skirts- Great for girls (and Mimi) who have large tummies. Look for bow accents this fall because bows are all the rage baby.


Princess Coat: Girly coats are all the rage this fall and this coat by
Jean Paul Gaultier is by far the chicest coat this fall. Look for a princess coat fits close to your body to show off those curves.


Perspective Inc. said...

I like the princess coats..
Metallics are a trend that I hope soon passes over.. ( I know I know... but metallics? really?)

Ksenia said...

I really like the princess coats too. They look so... anime, lol. I want one in (I wonder what color?) black. Like the one in your pic. And it will weep for the day that it was ever insulted by the name of "princess". (I think I'll rechristen it.. Sleek and Deadly Coat of Femme Fatality.. bwahaha)

Think we'll be able to find one of those on our budget? I mean we are working women, afterall.

Anjaan said...

Hey so are u a photographer, a fashion writer or a consultant?

Mimi said...

Perspective*: I personally think metallics look cheesy but I still think they have something very ritz about them.

Krissy*: Viktor and Rolf are doing H&M this fall ..the courute duo will sure be able to pull of thiss look for a working girls budget! And if you're trying to find less expensive items go to consignment shops where you'll find Dior marked down considerably. xx And we def have to hang out soon so we can share our summer secrets ;*)

Anjaan*: I am an amature fashion designer and Fashion writer/editor..thanks for dropping by and stay fabulous by keep visiting moi..xx

Anjaan said...

Thank you for dropping by too!
BTW WE're already on air.:) But i dont think u'd be able to hear us!!

If those were designed by you... then hats off!!
They're really Nice clothes!!!

Life must be tough in the fashion business?

Ksenia said...

Thank GOD! I went mega-shopping in Barcelona and then Nice so I hit up a few European H&Ms there, haha, good stuff.

Oh! I made a new blog. I'm basically gonna write there about my (not)drunken experiences. It's fun to be sober. =]
Titled: sXe

Jillian said...

very nice...i love most coats. this one is designed beautifully.