Sunday, October 29

Costume Jewlery

I've never been too fond of jewlery. I do like anything that sparkles but it's sort of a head ache matching your jewels to your outfit etc etc. But now I realize what a major role jewels play in making you look stellar and glam. I came across this really amazing website called Chez-Bec and they have some killer pieces to start off your costume jewlery collection (If you want to buy a lot of pieces to go with every single outfit you own save your pennies and go to girlprops I support them because they're also just as cool.) It's costume jewlery so have tons of fun and go crazy.

Just make sure they match your outfit somehow. Cool toned jewels (Amethyst,Blue,Turquoise,Silver...) go with cool colors (Blue,Black,Purple,Grey..) Warm tones (Magenta, Crimson, Yellow..GOLD) go with warm colors (Baby pink, Brown, Orange). You get the idea. So let's start our collection tday Cherie. Ciao! -Mimi

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