Saturday, October 7

Tamarai -This one's for Lulu

"Head to Tamarai, the new pan-Asian restaurant and bar on Drury Lane. This super-sexy venue, open for lunch and dinner, comes from the team behind Indian hotspot Chor Bizarre in Mayfair, and although it opens on 16 October, bookings are being taken from today. (I.e., it’s going to be big).
‘Tamarai’ is Tamil for ‘lotus’, the symbol of the sun, rejuvenation and all that is good (you know, the Buddhist path to enlightenment), which certainly makes for an eye-opener. On the menu: Penang curry sea bass, Burmese beef kauk swey and mud crab, followed by roasted baby pineapple with vanilla pal payasam, five-spice chocolate mousse with kaffir lime sorbet, not to mention colourful cocktails from the bar.
The interior? Hot pink banquettes blend with contemporary crystal chandeliers and light-box floors, while digital plasma screens play music videos. Glowing crystals are embedded in the walls to send good vibes out to all.
Sound like a life-enhancing experience?
It’s right up there with an episode of Entourage.
Tamarai, 167 Drury Lane, WC2B 5PG (020 7831 9399 or"

xx -Mimi

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Lulu said...

wow, mims. this is so very cool!i am going to call them immediately and secure a booking asap.
thanks for reminding me about daily candy as well. i used to subscribe to the new york edition and had completely fogotten that they do london as well.
so cute that you thought of me!