Monday, October 2

First Look- Express Yourself

When I have conversations with my amazing gal pals about fashion, they always bring up the one phrase I absolutely abhor. Which is, “Millissa I can’t wear that, people will think I’m weird,” it always drives me a bit crazy. Maybe it’s me but I never understood why it would dawn on people to question if they’ll be accepted every morning, as they get dressed. To me fashion is all about having lots of fun and is an outlet to express yourself. If you love those cow printed Chanel platforms you got for a steal at Saks, wear it. Love that Hermes scarf your grandmother passed on to you while you visited her in Nantes? Then go on and flaunt it. If you love what you are wearing and your clothing is consistent while adapting trends to fit your personal style then you have fashion figured out. There is no right or wrong in fashion.
My favorite way to personalize my wardrobe is by staying true to the colors I love and adding unique pieces I know I’ll adore a year from now. I try to gain inspiration from my style icons like Jackie O, The Marchesa, and Aishwarya Rai to name a few. If I see something I like, that is truly me, I’ll adopt it as my own. For instance The Marchesa was seen walking though the streets of Italy with beaded bracelets filling the whole of her arms. This look can still be worn today but with a different twist. While she may have worn it with her couture gown you can play up your skinny jeans and velvet smoking jacket with this touch of glamour.
Speaking of glamour, I still remember the day I learned that Viktor and Rolf were designing a line for H& M. The reason being my heart skipped a beat. I was having a slice of tiramisu and flipping through the pages of Marie Claire and there it was on page 56, “Viktor and Rolf for H&M.” Now as you may or may not know Viktor and Rolf is fashion’s most adored couture house. Boasting incredible designs and sleek innovations in clothing design. To have them accessible here in New York at a conventional store like H& M is just thrilling for anyone addicted to fashion.
Viktor and Rolf wasn’t the first fashion house to team up with everyday retail stores. There was Tara Jarmon for Target, Marc Jacobs for Wrangler and so on. The next big pairing up will be Kate Moss and Topshop. The infamous Kate Moss who stirred controversy with her heroine addiction will be designing a line, due next year for the contemporary retail store. The wedding of fashions most accredited with fashion’s most accessible is truly music to any fashion freak’s ears. As is the term New York Fashion week.
Fashion week came to a close last week and fabulous SS07 trends were behind the velvet rope. Neutral shades of beiges, blues, grays and metallics were seen all over the catwalk once more this season. Volume is definitely back and bigger than ever. Fashion is letting go of constricted and uptight and letting loose. Literally. Marc Jacobs offered an array of sheer voluminous pants to wear under dresses and skirts. Vera Wang showed adorable cocktail dresses that screamed volume. So what is the mantra for next spring and for fashion as a whole? It’s do not be afraid to try something new. Stay Fabulous. -mimi

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