Saturday, March 24

Jill's Picks for Spring/Summer '07

I have to admit, my eye is always attracted to metallic colors, and this season, futuristic beams are gleaming all over the runway. Clean lines paired with a shiny smooth accessory, such as a white, black or silver vinyl trench coat will make a huge fashion statement.

Fresh whites and airy eyelets are also breezing by for spring comfort, which also gives a sense of romanticism and freedom. A feminine linen or cotton white blouse, with a thin camisole underneath, will linger a feeling of the season in every room you enter. You will feel "spring clean" and it will show in your demeanor. Add a pair of platinum peep toe heels to feel light and bouncy all day long.

Graphic prints and a more modern approach to the 80's makes a daring and eye catching statement. Bright colors that pop make this season fun and energetic. The nautical approach utilizes this concept in an original and crisp way.

Wide leg jeans paired with cute heels is always smart. Try a pair made of Japanese denim for maximum quality and longevity.

Wooden heels with metallic embellishments or a smooth leather bag with alloy studs can give that bad girl image, but still let your innocence show. Moderation with these elements is key.

Here is one more show stopper. This wicker clutch with leather ribbon is just dying to be touched. The textures are amazing, and will be sure to stand out among the rest of the dull and drab clutches.

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Mimi said...

I love wooden heels. They go with everything and that clutch is adorable Jill. Great post! -Mimi