Saturday, March 17

The Ladies of Haute Mimi

I would like to introduce the latest addition to Haute Mimi. The fabulous Jill. Together we will be updating you on the hottest fashion finds and fabulous fashion & beauty tips to keep you dazzling. So as a little treat for our Glamourous readers I thought me and Jill should let you in on what we think glamour means. Happy reading, Cheers.

"Being glamorous to me is having things you enjoy touching, smelling, and looking at. I believe you can feel glamorous even if you have minimal amounts of money to spend. Some people may say that glamour is something superficial, and fake. I do not think that always has to be true. Glamour to me is experiencing a new and exciting place, or even a new idea, and seeing it come to life. I guess you can say that glamour = passion in my mind. It is one of the many aspects of being passionate. For example, a painter who is immersed in his/her work, and has a true love for what he/she is painting, is living in glamour. It is the glamour of his or her craft that enables the person's passion to come forth with burning flames. "
-Jill (Contributor)

"I think a person becomes truly glamorous when they finally fall in love with themselves. The most glamorous women have accepted their assets or lack of them and strive to enhance their own personal look without losing themselves in societal standards. Glamour is being you and enjoying it! Staying true to oneself is what Glamour means to me. Cheers Glamour Girls!"

-Mimi (Editor At Large)

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