Monday, March 19

Newer Designers Soaring to the Top

Todd Lynn

This Canadian designer's style is highly tailored with a Rock n' Roll feel. This is the brand you would wear if you love the grunge look, but still want to look sharp and pulled together. His first collection was shown in Sept. of 2006.

Josh Goot

Australian born designer had his first show in 2004. His style is tailored comfort, modern, easy and simple, with a veil of minimalism. He worked with an Italian mill to create an original 50/50 Aussie Merino/viscose fiber blend with a transparent gloss coating. This coating gives the fabric an innovative new look. He says the merino wool is very versatile and durable. Goot designs clothing that can be worn for years; classics. He is now studying new advances in wool technology.

Holly Slayton

This Virginian lady knows her stuff about fashion. She has been studying the industry since she was a teen. With a background in crochet and knitting, cosmetology, and fashion merchandising, in 2002 she began to master the art of millinery. Now she has a website, wonderful clients, and ships all over the world. She will soon be working with new mediums such as leather, fur and straw in the upcoming seasons.

Big Foot Vintage

This online shop will satisfy your craving for just the right pair of sunglasses. Vintage styles from the 60s, 70s, and 80s for men and women.

Angelique Hansen

Angelique's Vintage Jewelry designs is a beautiful space on the web to connect with your inner vintage and sexy diva. Angelique's designs are fun, flirty, and fashionable, that incorporate materials such as rare celluloid pieces, enamel chain, beads and cameos.

xx Jill


Vishaan said...

Todd Lynn...nice!!..not my personal style but he's targeted a concise and sartorial grunge that says rock n' roll money. An interesting niche in fashion rarely noticed.

Mimi said...

Thanks for the comment Vishaan. We're glad you enjoy Haute Mimi one of our new goals is to promote haute new designers! Cheers!

Jillian Renee' said...

Thank you for viewing, Vishaan!