Saturday, April 28

I Love New York

So what makes New York fashion so deliciously ..."New Yawk". Well I think it's the cosmopolitan woman wearing the clothes. I don't want o make any generalizations but in my eyes New York women are fierce, graceful and most of all simply fabulous. Three New York women with totally different styles define what urban sophistication means. The list includes, Tinsley Mortimor, the socialite darling and mastermind who brought a little New York flavor into Samatha Thavasa handbags. Kimora Lee the gorgeous goddess behind the urban chic label Baby Phat and last but not least Dylan Lauren. The owner of Dylan's Candy Bar and also the daughter of Ralph Lauren.
I first read about Tinsley a few years back and I really admired her look. She's known for her classic, girlish Uptown look look. her hairstyle with the side bang pinned with a sparkler is a must for a night on the town. She has an aura of elegance and class. She's a great representation of cosmopolitan glamour.Kimora is the goddess of high street. She has mastered the art of bringing "FABULOSITY" into everyday clothes. A post on New York style wouldn't be complete without her. A tip to take form Kimora? Pair a chandelier earrings with your jeans or why not pile on rhinestone bracelets with that white tee? Make casual- casual luxury.Every New Yorker has stepped into Dylan's Candy bar to satisfy their sweet tooth but the girl behind the store is even more delicious. She always manages to look as if she were cut out of a Ralph Lauren ad campaign. Steal her nonchalant world traveler look by wearing crisp white pieces paired with turquoise jewelry. Look for bohemian pieces that are still chic and sophisticated.

xx Mimi

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