Saturday, April 28

Coach, Not my favorite, but the masses approve..

Coach addicts will be thrilled to learn that the company has plans to launch two new lifestyle lines this year: Bleeker collection will be launched in Fall 2007 and will fill consumers' demand for a lighter weight leather bag - average price at $350 (the average Coach bags are $275 and Legacy bags average $450) The second line, Heritage Stripe, will launch Spring 2008 with durable and sporty totes made of coated canvas cotton. Lew Frankfort, Chairmand and CEO of Coach said in a talk with Wallstreet Journal this week, "the two lines were the company's response to voids in the market and to customer needs. In one case, our consumer expressed considerable interest in a lighter-weight, leather-based collection inspired by our history, and Bleecker offers that. In terms of Heritage Stripe, it met a functional void since we don't have a comprehensive lifestyle collection of durable, chic, sporty totes".

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