Friday, October 5

Sugar Coated

(117 Greene St.)
I have a fatal attraction to anything cute and that is why I love everything this woman makes. she's a big fan of Hello Kitty and a lot of her designs remind me of something girls in the Harajuku district would flaunt. Tarina inspires my costume jewelery collection and so does Barbie. She's always been a fashion inspiration to me believe it or not. There is something so awfully fantastic about Barbie that I love to emulate. So what's more perfect than the Barbie collection at Tarina Tarantino?
So you can see why i love Tarina. She knows how to do Lolita's innocence with a touch of glamour. This is a great look for soirees and I'm loving the bright nail polish.Notice the phone charm and the flower hair pin. Two gorgeous pieces that are insanely cute! And i thought my phone charm was adorable. You can actually find similar hair clips and phone charms at the ever popular Girl Props.


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