Friday, June 29

Blend... Into the landscape that is...

With the whole bohemian- boho-hobo -- whatever you called it. thing behind us. Regardless, earthy jewelry is still fabulous when treated the right way. Now I'm not talking about a couple of twigs braided around your wrist... These products are PURE LUXE.. and nothing is better...

Take a look for yourself.. I'm talking Pearl, Coral and Turquoise set in silver on top of a beautiful polished shell ring. The prices start at around $400 and can go to about $600( the Gold and Shell one runs close to $7,000)-- But does beautiful jewelry ever come at a bargain?

The three shell rings by Vivre Selection and the Gold and Shell Ring by Nancey Chapman (This stunning handmade 22 karat yellow gold ring features a large piece of coral, found on the beaches of Grand Cayman, studded and framed in rose cut faceted diamonds. ) all available at


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