Thursday, July 12

My Favorite Label: CHANEL

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As I've grown, chronologically and mentally, my appreciation for fashion has also evolved. I now am drawn to classic, yet bold designs dripping in luxury, instead of pure shock value. Years ago, if I would have had to write down my favorite designer, I most likely would have said Christian Dior and D&G, for their incredible theatrical presentation and statement worthy pieces-- and, to leave it simply, I'm over that. I now am huge fans of brands like Valentino, Hermes and Chanel for their complete and utter dedication to understated elegance and luxury.

Hermes with it's tailoring and exclusivity, Valentino with it's blatant lux approach to menswear, in a way that would make even James Bond Blush-- and Chanel, my new all time favorite re invented by the genius Karl Lagerfeld, it's modern approach and minimal aesthetic just strikes the right key for me, it's bold color scheme and and universal style is a new approach to a very simple statement, LESS IS MORE... - Phillip

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