Tuesday, July 24

Devi Kroell Is Right On Target

You might remember Miss Devi's name due to the hype of her signature python bags which run for about $2,590 (631-329-2700) In any case now you too can be a star because Kroell has now unveiled her latest handbag designs for $34.99 for no where else but "Tar-gette"!

Now you're probably wondering, "Hmm..Mimi how is this possible?" Well here's why darling..(Without stating the obvious that is)

A. It's machine sewn and not hand made like the original

B. This version has a poly-satin lining the original has silk inside.

http://www.target.com/ http://www.devikroell.com/


Jillian Renee' said...

Great post. I love the designs.

cult of couture said...

I'm so excited for this line! It's stunning.

Sally Green said...

Cute bags....

Keep up the great blogging.


PS. I like the colors of your blog