Tuesday, July 24

Victoria Beckham- Fashion Icon

I've officially deemed her a Haute Mimi style Icon, Here's Why...

-She's got a body made for high fashion-regardless if it's man made or not it's amazing, one has to admit.

-She's got the money and apparently the well researched stylist that came along with it to look great 24/7. She Makes black look damn good. and she does the stacked "bob" justice.

-She takes good risks with her wardrobe.

- & finally, I must admit I have a bit of Hermes envy with her, She carries more Kelly's and Birkin's than I've ever seen on one socialite.
*Jill Says*

She is soon launching a jeans like, a collection of sunglasses and two fragrances.

When she was a little girl she used to customize her school uniforms, had a love for clothes hair and make-up.

This fall her denim line and collection of sunglasses, both under her dVblabel, will be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel and other upscale stores.

One fragrance is called Intimately Beckham and will be sold in department stores.

She was very involved with the manufacturing process of the production of her denim line. she even had Jennifer try on a pair to make sure they suited more curvy girls.

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