Saturday, June 16


As clothes evolve season after season, so do the accessories, becoming more and more futuristic with every show. here are two of my favorite in futuristic eyewear. I was browsing Saks today at the Houston Galleria and while trying on some sunglasses I ran across these two. Truely out of this world Shades...

1. Dior Sport 1, A strange take on the Dior Ski 5 of a few seasons ago, the earpieces actually retract into the lense, I found them to be fabulous none the less, great for, what else skiing, but I'm sure they could be used as a fabulous beach accessory.

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2. D&G. now these are the sunglasses one may be seeing in every advertisement that came out in the last 4 months, they remind me of what the yard men wear to trim the hedges, but they fit my face, and looked positively amazing, I could see wearing them to a party or to shop.!.

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The prices aren't bad, but I intend on buying mine through

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