Wednesday, July 18

Fashion FAUX PAS.. x10.

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I find myself torn here, I know now, the general public-including myself have been seeing these photos of Britney Spears, and think... " What tha...?" but the fact of the matter is, she never really was terribly chic, remember that denim evening gown she wore in conjunction to Justin Timberlake's suit at the Grammy Awards or that ridiculous Biker get up at the VMA's.? Anyways, with nothing good to look back on, I'm just stuck with yet another terrible fashion choice from the diva or "ex" diva herself. Ms. Spears...

This Outfit could work, but I'm being optimistic, The sunglasses and the shoes throw me off... maybe if she switch for some pink flip flops, some basic dark shades, and a large leather shoulder bag, this look could have looked decent... emphasis on decent, not fabulous... but you be the judge...-Phillip

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Jillian Renee' said...

I'll admit she is muscular, and I wish I had her legs over my own, but this outfit is really ugly and slutty. There are ways to show off your body without looking like trailer park trash. I would like to see Britney in something more classic and I would love to see her hair down and looking glamorous for a change.