Tuesday, July 24

Wardrobe NYC

Imagine this. A closet filled with only the most luxurious and decadently stylish pieces from the world’s top designers available to you darling. Now go on pinch yourself because you are not dreaming. Wardrobe is a fashion renting salon which houses the hottest pieces from the runway. This fabulous resource is available to fashion stylists and costume designers and you.

This glamorous rental salon was founded by renowned stylist Neva Linder. Wardrobe has an impressive stash of designer digs including pieces from the likes of Prada, Christian Lacroix and Carolina Herrera to name a few. Wardrobe’s collection has been featured in The Devil Wears Prada. Remember the closet? It was Wardrobes collection. It is indeed New York’s best kept secret. We promise, your secret is safe with us. http://www.wardrobenyc.com/

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Jillian said...

I want to know more info! How much? How long can you keep the item? Wonderful concept and website. I was actually thinking if there were places like this just last night, kind of like how you can rent elaborate halloween costumes.