Friday, August 17

Fall Accessory Trends: Retro Lady

With fashion continuing on it's feminine track, many details on the fall runway were geared toward the more pomp and circumstance of finishing touches. Gloves, hats and fur all hark back to the days of our grandmothers style of dress and with more emphasis on vintage, why not take a trip down memory lane or in grandmom's closet; which ever is closer, and infuse retro finishing into your fall wardrobe.

Gloves hark back to a time when lady's were proper and boys were polite. Today's gloves are parts ladylike and parts tough ranging from leather to lace and everything in between. Adding a great leather glove to a flouncy dress is a great way to add vintage appeal with modern feel.

A topper is exactly that, something to top off your look. Hats add polish and signal refinement, when all men wore hats and tipped them to passing ladies. Don't you miss the good ol' days? This fall, milinery is huge and several designers took to the top and provided us with amazing headgear.

Fur is to vintage as Geritol is to, well you know... However, nothing spells vintage than fur, hats, wraps, stoles and coats. Old Hollywood glamour revolved around fur-wearing starlets and today's designers are bringing it back.

Taking the retro vibe even further, many catwalks feature vintage hairstyles a la Veronica Lake and sirens of the Hollywood era. This is a great way to play up the inner vixen inside and experiment with a new look. Well coiffed curls are all about setting and attitude. Do an old-fashioned roller set and have luxurious hair for weeks.

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ChicandUntroubled said...

The Proenza Schouler hat is beautiful.