Friday, August 17

Radiance Restoration

As summer winds to a close, and the tans that we've all worked for begin to fade- It's now time to take that element ravaged skin and prep it for the dry winter months to come.

My good friends at Origins at the Houston Galleria recommended a regime that will do just that, transform that dull matte skin into vibrant, hydrated and luminous. Two of which really stood out as truly fabulous, The Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash(8.5 fl oz. for $20) as a daily AM/PM Wash, it's creamy texture felt like velvet in the early mornings and even better after an exhausting day. Secondly, the True difference maker, The Activated Charcoal Clear Improvements mask(3.4 fl oz. for $20).

Using it twice a week calmed and toned the skin, neutralizing imperfections. Two fabulous Products that went beyond the call of duty. Backing the old saying , when it comes to a flawless beauty, you must start with flawless skin...

For any questions on ingredients listings and pricing along with any other Origins product, visit -Phillip

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