Wednesday, September 5

Facchinetti for Valentino

Good-bye Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani (better known as just Valentino), hello Alessandra Facchinetti. "Alessandra Facchinetti is the designer who can interpret and continue the legacy of Valentino's core values best," said Valentino Fashion Group Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Sassi.


This is an important milestone in fashion history because Valentino is one of the main labels of women's glamour and conservatism in high fashion.

"I realize that the maison that bears my name will change, but I hope that the creative team that will design the various lines where my assistants work will know how to continue my work in a way that will make me proud." ~Valentino

We hope so too...

Giorgio Armani made a very accurate statement upon hearing the news. "Valentino's style is a classic, in the purest sense of the word, and has made women beautiful for generations. Whoever will be his heir will have the responsibility to continue this great tradition when expressing their own individuality."

It will be interesting to see the changes in design, for the label in the future.


Anonymous said...

That's so crazy, what a huge milestone.

Anonymous said...

Fashion is changing