Friday, September 7

Feet First... As they Say...

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With the monotony of big brand product placement, hype and advertising, I've recently begun to turn to lesser known designers and their incredibly innovative ideas and schemes for inspiration lately, one designer I was referred to just recently being Monica at, an online gallery and store full of wonderful and exciting designs, in the most indulgent of accessories..... The shoe.. Who's general inspiration ranges between the world of fashion, traveling and cultural styles worldwide all without detracting from the comfort factor in any way. I recently exchanged information with her on her approach to design and philosophy for creating an integral part to any woman's wardrobe.. Here's what she had to say on the subject,

On Trends
"My fashion radar has historically worked 2 years to 18 months in advance of current trends..."

On her design Philosophy
"Design-wise, I have to balance out the fashion forward styles with "classics" that will appeal to a broader audience...."

On material and Color selections
"Materials also play a big part in my collections. I go to Italy with a sketch of the shoe and a color scheme in mind, but sometimes a leather will be so luscious and I won't have the right shoe to put it on, so I will create a shoe for it. At the end of the day, there are only so many cuts that you can put on a shoe--it's all been done before. So what differentiates the shoe is the materials used and having the perfect last (shoe) shape and heel shapes. "

One Shoe that Caught my eye not only because of it's bold color, but it's daring and creative design is pictured above and is aptly titled the Sonya blue punkie. As a very gracious perk from the designer herself she has extended a 40% discount on the Sonya blue punkie to all readers by entering the code HAUTEMIMI40 - offer valid through September 15. Visit for more information.

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